Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parking Entrance

I have to warn everyone that writing has never been my forte.

In fact, I hate writing. The agony of waiting for a great inspiration to start scribbling and then painstakingly checking every word for grammar and spelling errors is just unbearable for me. This is probably the reason why I developed this affection with numbers that eventually persuaded me to take up engineering and accountancy in college. Sure, these courses are not made in heaven, but I just could not imagine spending my entire five years in college doing endless thesis and reaction paper… life would definitely be a TORTURE.

I must admit, I just envy those people who have this “natural” talent of playing with words and creating masterpieces out of pen and sheets of paper. But words are harder to manipulate unlike numbers. Words need mastery while numbers require skills. I would rather memorize formulas than heartbreakingly construct sentences.

I remember during my high school days, whenever a friend or classmate would brag his yet-another literary piece; I just kept on thinking how they failed to execute the perfect cartwheel my PE teacher asked me to demonstrate in front of my class or how they nose bleed to death during Math exams … and then I feel good again.

My writing sucks. Although I also had my short stints as editor of a literary magazine in high school and a newsletter in college, I never had the satisfaction of being commended by someone for my writing. It is not actually that I am dying to be recognized as a writer, but at some point, one just wonders how it feels to be applauded for something that he has written.

Yesterday, I finally revealed to my friends that I officially have a blog account. It was more of a horrific experience, knowing that I will be put into scrutiny like what defense lawyers do to primary witnesses. I am just as scared as hell to know that finally they would have a good chance of mocking me through my lousy grammar and erroneous tenses. Though, it is always a relief to have a Microsoft word edits my spelling, I still can’t help but think paranoid and realize how unreliable technology is.

At some point, I have this feeling that posting a BLOG is not really a good idea. But realizing all the efforts I have made… (creating the blog account in an IPOD touch, choosing a username, brainstorming for the first entry)… writing may not be that bad at all. Maybe, this will be a good time for me to start something new… or perhaps to polish some talent I never imagined I had. Bahala na.

Before you start posting comments (just an assumption), let me just say… I DID WARN YOU.

So drive, parking is available.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap!

The effort paid off. You're off to a good start.

So, sino ghost writer mo? JOKE!

Seriously, we should strive to be better even more in aspects we're not so good at. It makes us well-rounded persons.

(sadly, in this lifetime, numbers will never be my friends, except of course the monetary ones. hahaha)

Keep the lights on all throughout. Im sure more people will be lured to park here more often. :)

enrico said...

hey win! welcome to the blog-world. hehe.

although we hope that many people will appreciate what write, it should not be our driving force. not all people will like what we write just as not all people will like who we are.

it's good that you mentioned you are blogging to start something new or polish a talent you never imagined you had.

and for me, the best writers are people who write from their heart (haha, baduy). no pretensions baga.

can't wait for your next entry :9

Sherwin said...

I am actually excited to see your comments guys... hehehe and ang babait nyo pala. i am thinking what to write next... waiting ulit for a great inspiration...

Thanks ulit for parking by...

Chyng said...

pwedeng humabol?

Welcome sa blogospgere Win! Im already happy na may talent din ako mgtumbling and mgsolve ng magsolve ng math equations kesa maging poetic! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

win..can't message you sa friendster..don't know why..scrapper3484@yahoo.com..email ko..hehe..hit me back...=)

Dhianz said...

wow... nde kah nah magaling na writer sa lagay nah yan ha... hmmnnzz... i think ur pretty good... u probably juz don't think dat ur a good writer but i think u are... ang labo bah?... wehe.... eniweiz... first time koh ditoh sa blog moh...and i think ur new too sa blogsphere... should i say welcome to blogsphere?... hehe... eniweiz... hope you'll enjoy blogging... i'm also kinda new here den... juz few months... i'm enjoyin' it naman... but para saken... limited ang puwedeng sabihin... napahaba na sinabi koh... sige... ingatz! GODBLESS! -di

Sherwin said...


thanks for that very kind comment. i wish i am as inspired as you in writing blogs. Thanks for dropping by! :)

Abou said...

ano to isa lang ang post? haha

thanks for following me

sana mag update ka naman

basing on ur post magaling ka mag sulat

Sherwin said...

Hehehe, i'm in the process of posting another entry. Medyo tamad lang talaga akong magsulat that's why i envy those people who update their site regularly.

Lance said...

First thing, thanks for following..

I can actually relate to your sentiments.. me too, I was never born a writer..I don't know. Sometimes I have this urge of writing or there is something I want to write about,like a spur of the moment, but when i get to face the front of my laptop and try to start the article/post, words or sentences just don't come out naturally... Sometimes I would have to save a draft and open it again some other day when new thoughts come in..
aside from that, it's also hard to actually make a sensible post especially that you need to have the constant flow of thoughts in the article...
But that's the exciting part.Even if I know that I am not really good at it, to the extreme, but at least I am trying my best for it.

Cheers, mate!

Sherwin said...

I have written several drafts but never finished any of it. It is always really frustrating to start writing and end up with only a few couple of words.

This time i'll strive to enhance my writing skills and probably write more often, just like you. :)

Earl said...

nice win...keep writing!...musta na?long time no see.

Sherwin said...

Ei earl!

Kumusta ka na? long time no see! ok pa man ako, matabaon na. hehehe. ika? kinasal ka na?

Earl said...

ok man ako.same here.mataba naman.hehe.kasal?dae pa pero dis year na.c apol man giraray.nice to see u writing again.ako igwa man blogspot kaso dae ko naaupdate kc bz sa work.no time 2 "express" myself thru pen.hehe.pero cguro in d coming weeks, i'll allot more time.musta work?ako igdi man giraray sa Pag-IBIG pero im searching for a more stable job.contractual lang kya ako igdi.masakit maregular.i want to engage in business and i am actually putting up one, a graphic studio with the brother of Apol as my partner.3D animator kya xa jan sa makati.he previously worked as an animator for Resiklo ska Shake, Rattle & Roll.hehe.mkadagdag lamang sa income.cguro eu na muna ini ang update about me.hehe.anu plan ym mo ska cp num mo para at least may contact lamang kita.:)