Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parking Entrance

I have to warn everyone that writing has never been my forte.

In fact, I hate writing. The agony of waiting for a great inspiration to start scribbling and then painstakingly checking every word for grammar and spelling errors is just unbearable for me. This is probably the reason why I developed this affection with numbers that eventually persuaded me to take up engineering and accountancy in college. Sure, these courses are not made in heaven, but I just could not imagine spending my entire five years in college doing endless thesis and reaction paper… life would definitely be a TORTURE.

I must admit, I just envy those people who have this “natural” talent of playing with words and creating masterpieces out of pen and sheets of paper. But words are harder to manipulate unlike numbers. Words need mastery while numbers require skills. I would rather memorize formulas than heartbreakingly construct sentences.

I remember during my high school days, whenever a friend or classmate would brag his yet-another literary piece; I just kept on thinking how they failed to execute the perfect cartwheel my PE teacher asked me to demonstrate in front of my class or how they nose bleed to death during Math exams … and then I feel good again.

My writing sucks. Although I also had my short stints as editor of a literary magazine in high school and a newsletter in college, I never had the satisfaction of being commended by someone for my writing. It is not actually that I am dying to be recognized as a writer, but at some point, one just wonders how it feels to be applauded for something that he has written.

Yesterday, I finally revealed to my friends that I officially have a blog account. It was more of a horrific experience, knowing that I will be put into scrutiny like what defense lawyers do to primary witnesses. I am just as scared as hell to know that finally they would have a good chance of mocking me through my lousy grammar and erroneous tenses. Though, it is always a relief to have a Microsoft word edits my spelling, I still can’t help but think paranoid and realize how unreliable technology is.

At some point, I have this feeling that posting a BLOG is not really a good idea. But realizing all the efforts I have made… (creating the blog account in an IPOD touch, choosing a username, brainstorming for the first entry)… writing may not be that bad at all. Maybe, this will be a good time for me to start something new… or perhaps to polish some talent I never imagined I had. Bahala na.

Before you start posting comments (just an assumption), let me just say… I DID WARN YOU.

So drive, parking is available.